Laser Module Supply


This circuit is a general purpose LM317 variable voltage supply used to power a small laser module. It mounts directly to a Dremel drill press by slipping into a notch on the top plastic piece. The laser is used to indicate where the drill bit will hit the substrate, circuit boards in my case. This design can be used as a general purpose variable power supply for other projects as well.

Completed laser module supply board. Input voltage connects to the right side and output connects to the left in this image

To set the correct voltage, use a multimeter to measure the output voltage while adjusting the potentiometer.

Eagle Design Files

Cadsoft Eagle pcb schematic [ .PNG | .SCH ]

Cadsoft Eagle pcb layout [ .PNG | .BRD ]


  1. LM317 variable voltage regulator
  2. Focusable dot laser module from
  3. Dremel drill press from